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I do not belong to any of the participant regions. Can I take part?

Yes, you can. You must choose the region where you want to start your business, which does not have to coincide with your usual place of residence.


In which language do I have to enter my idea?:

Only in English.


Can individuals enter or is it a competition for companies?:

Both companies and individuals can enter the competition, you just have to indicate it in the entry form of the project.


Do I need a prototype to enter the competition? Is it possible to enter the competition with an idea, but not a business plan?:

The ESNC is an ideas competition, having a prototype or a business plan may be very useful for the experts when evaluating your idea, but it is not essential. If you study the documentation required, you will get an idea of what information you have to provide.


Can I enter the competition with an idea for a satellite navigation device? /h2>

Yes! The project may also develop a satellite navigation related device.